Cartier Roadster and Their Distinct Tonneau Cases
Many of us would like to own watches which are not always round in shape. There are a few brands which make other shapes for their watch cases such as Longines Dolce Vita and their rectangular watches. Of course, there is another distinct shape that you might want to try. It is the Tonneau shape of a case which Cartier Roadster watches are famous for. Cartier is known for watches which are distinct. There are lines of replica rolex watches watch collections in this brand where the watches are more jewelry than they are horological masterpieces. Again, there are the Cartier Roadster watches which are dedicated in more ways than one to the favorite Roadster racing car. The case design of these watches is distinct and one with mature tastes and who do not want too much attention on their watches, can opt for such designs. The watches have their own individuality and are well made from all angles. There are large men sizes amongst Cartier Roadster watches but even then, the compact design of the watches is such that they appear not more than 40 mm in diameter. The steel hands in blue and the luminous dots on the dial are characteristic of this collection of watches. The date magnifier in sapphire is another characteristic to be found in all watches. The bracelet of such a watch has links which are screwed in with pins. This is again a unique style uncommon amongst other brands. There are screws on either end of the links in the bracelet and when you remove them, the pin in the middle can be taken out. The smoothness of the high quality stainless steel is again a great feature of the Roadster watches. The polished watch in steel makes it a favorite for all those who love the Cartier Roadster watches.